Event Branding and Communication

Theme professionally - and personalise communication to encourage participant chatter.

Take a look below for ideas to better communicate your event messages, promote your brand, personalise to participants, add value to sponsors, and increase revenue with cost-effective logo placement. 

We're updating regularly, so check back often before each of your events.  We're always looking for new ideas, so if you a unique idea to share, please, let us know at the bottom of this page.

Conference News

Why not have your guests wake up to the headlines of the previous day's activities? We can design, edit, and print your own conference daily newspaper with highlights and images of the previous day's newsworthy events.

Conference Newspapers

Counter Cards

Perfect for small communications, directions, or instructions to keep everyone on track, full colour card stands blend seamlessly with your room branding or theme.

Counter cards & card stands

Die Cut Solutions - Take your branding 3D!

Get Printed! has created a range of Die Cut Solutions that allow the personalisation of participant gifts, functional table centrepieces, photo folders and more. These can be provided as a finished product or flat-packed for easy transportation and onsite assembly.

Tip: Include logos on your 3D table centres, like pen holders for added sponsor value. Provide each participant with a personalised business card box to leave on their table.  When they're in conversation with one person, others can leave their business card in the box so no one misses out on an opportunity.

Event Coordinator's Guide

Keep runsheets, speaker details, and all pertinent information at hand with a convenient Coordinator's Guide ring binder.  Ensure it stands out from ordinary participant material with a custom printed cover.

Final Program

See Handbooks

Follow-up Analysis & Questionnaires

Every new event should generate better results than your last.  With participant feedback  prior to, during, and after your event, you'll have the information you need to ensure that happens. Get Printed! can help you implement print and online questionnaires so you can continually improve and tailor your offerings to your audience.

Guest Room Pampering Drop Gifts

We can provide a wide variety of branded or personalised gifts for your guests. For a special surprise, arrange for a selection of guest pampering items to be placed in bedrooms either before arrival or during the event program.

Guest room pampering drop gifts


We'll help you ensure your program represents your event and your sponsors professionally, whether you're opting for a saddle-stitched or perfect bound, or  even if you would like it included in a personalised ring binder, .


Name Tags & Lanyards

We'll design and print your name tags and lanyards, extending your theme to every participant. You may also wish to consider a personalised mini program. With the participant's name printed on the cover, this handy tool serves a dual purpose, adding a "Wow" factor for participants and ensuring that everyone knows what is on when - even when they've left their program to go to lunch.

Name tags & Lanyards

Mini Program

See Pocket Guide


Menu Cards, Place Names, Table Plans

Finishing touches include designing menu cards, place names and table plans in brand. From budget to boutique, even the smallest elements of your event print items will continue your theme, providing an ambient and ubiquitous communication of your message to your guests.

Pen Cups

Our cleverly-designed, cardboard pen cups can be flat-packed for easy transportation, ready for onsite assembly. Great for table centres, desk tidies may be designed in theme with your event, or you may choose to use the opportunity to personalise for participants or teams, or provide additional sponsor promotion.

Pocket Guides / Mini Programs

Include your agenda and exhibit information in a mini guide that can be inserted in participant lanyards. Get Printed! can even personalise your guides to include sessions relevant to each participant, and providing cross-sales opportunities for elements of  your event for which they are not yet registered.

Mini Program

Pop-Up Banners

Personalise your event environment and communicate your message and brand with slick, portable Pop-Up banners. These free-standing marketing tools are invaluable when communicating to large groups and provide a constant reminder of event messages. Our fast-turnaround solutions allow for last minute banner production as well as clip-n-go solutions so you can print new inserts and utilise banner stands for multiple conferences. Also available: Retractable Banners

Presentation Folders

Where you need more flexibility than a bound document, but don't have enough handouts to warrant a more expensive binding, Presentation Folders can advertise your theme, professionally identify your content, and your materials together post event.  We have multiple options for most short run or fast turnaround presentation folders, including printings inside and out, pockets on one side or both, a business card holder and even corner pockets, DVD holders, and more.


Raffle Tickets

Ideal for fundraising at either your main event or dinner functions, Get Printed! provides full colour raffle tickets with the option of variable numbers, colours and values where needed. 

Retractable Banners

Personalise your event environment and communicate your message and brand with slick, portable, retractable banners. These free-standing marketing tools are invaluable for communicating to large groups and provide a constant reminder of event messages.  Our fast-turnaround solutions allow for last minute banners, as well as clip-n-go options, so you can print new inserts and re-use your banner stands for multiple conferences. Also available: Pop-up Banners

Ring Binders

Easy to access and update, ring binders are a great way to present your important  training or conference documentation.  Get Printed! can design and produce custom and even personalised ring binders, cases, and tab dividers for your events, giving participants even greater incentive to keep them accessible and in plain sight after your event.

Room Branding

Make the room your own. Our in-house design studio will coordinate with your venue or creative department to transform your room, giving it your look and feel, promoting your key messages and your tag lines.



Signage & Directions

Whether you need pop-up or retractable banners with logos, graphics and tag lines, block mounts, posters or discreet accurate directional signage, our design and production teams will ensure your signage promotes your brand and message consistently.

Social program

If you have a range of social activities going on, it may be handy to include a wallet sized program of social events.  It also works well for VIP tickets. Delegates can easily reference available activities after separating for a meal or a quick refresh in their room, and remain easily identifiable even without their lanyard.

Sweets & Chocolate Personalised Packages

Sweets and chocolate are always a special treat.  We offer a wide range of personalised packaging options that are sure put a smile on the faces of your attendees.



Heighten anticipation of highlight events throughout your conference with separate event ticketing. Utilise barcodes for easy processing.  Add QR Codes, personalisation, and event teasers to create a buzz around the event.


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