Pre-event Engagement

Promotional ideas for engaging participants and sponsors alike

Take a look below for ideas to attract interest, increase registrations, and secure strong sponsorship. 

We're updating regularly, so be sure to chek back for each of your events - and if you have any more ideas, let us know at the bottom of this page.


Let our team design a custom brochure for your event. Styled to maintain the event identity, whilst offering clear and concise delegate information, your brochure will both engage participants and build value for sponsors.

Document Printing

Get Printed! can help you develop documents in just about any format, shape or size. Our creative team can assist with content refinement and messaging, while our designers work with you to to ensure your documents visual appeal, and with Variable Data Print, we can take your documents to the next level by personalising images and messages and customising content for specified  recipient groups. With a quality range of paper options and finishes available, Get Printed! produced documents will showcase your business perfectly.


Event Information Web Sites

Seamlessly integrated with other event print and online communications, your website can include interactive surveys, polls and even Personalised URLs (PURLs). To boost pre-event involvement and increase program relevance consider providing opportunities to post questions, vote on evening entertainment, or even nominate the snacks they'd like in their personalised survival packs. With such positive interaction and links to social media like Facebook and twitter, the excitement of your event will spread, and extend registration possibilities past the initial data list. 

Information Packs

Our creative team can design and produce custom delegate information packs that are on brand with a clear, consistent message.

Invitations - custom designed to your theme

Professional, quality, creative invitations can be designed for print or email. With a myriad of options like the inclusion of detailed personalisation, QR Codes, or special finishes, your invitations can be are designed to enhance both response rates and industry chatter. Appropriately reflecting your brand, your theme and event messages, Get Printed! invitations will enhance the perception of your entire communication effort.


Invitations - with Intelligence built in 

Increase response rates with personalisation and customisation of invitations to better appeal to target participants, and ease the burden of administration and registration processing with variable data, barcodes and more. We will design creative, in-brand, on-message print or email invitations, and direct return to response data to you in an easy to manage format.


Questionnaires & Research

Increase participation and ensure your event is relevant to your audience interests. We'll help you integrate questionnaires and research throughout your pre-event communications to maximise interest, involvement and relevance of content to your audience. From Personalised URLs (PURLs) to reply paid surveys, mobile tagging with QR Codes and more we can help you determine the best way to ensure your event topics are on track..



Raise awareness, increase buy-in, and get participants talking advance of your event with the use of posters for display around offices.


Preliminary announcements

Electronic and hard copy announcements to help you promote your event.


Pre-reading & Case Studies

Use our experience to help you with pre-event reading for an insight into running a successful event and let our Case Studies help you maximise the return on your investment.


Registration Packs

Our in-house studio can design and produce custom delegate registration and information packs - in brand and with a clear, consistent message.


Sponsor Packs

Ensure you put your best foot forward with professional sponsorship requests & documentation



Show your event professionalism, and lift your profile when seeking pre-event sponsorship with branded event stationery.



Heighten anticipation of highlight events throughout your conference with separate event ticketing. Utilise barcodes for easy processing and QR Codes, personalisation and event teasers to create a buzz around the event.


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