Personalised Printing

Personalised Printing

"It's not personal.  It's business."

The Digital Age has changed the rules of business.  If you don't take advantage of the personalisation tools that have become available through digital technology, you can count on one thing: Your competitors will.  And they will eventually turn your clients into theirs. Think about this.  When you see one of your customers at a trade show, or a social event, at your office or theirs, or out shopping . . . how do you greet them?  You say 'Hi' and call them by name, just like you would with one of your friends. So why would you not do the same thing when you contact them in print?  The likely answer is that you have not thought about it, or that you believed it would be too time consuming and expensive. Thanks to ever-improving technology, personalisation is not only possible, but practical - and fast becoming a necessity for strong message cut-through. If you are looking to personalise anything from a postcard to a catalogue, we're here to help. We can personalise anything that we can print, whether for your entire customer base, or for customers in specific postal codes, or your top 100, or whatever you choose. Variable printing technology goes way beyond text.  Here are just a few example of how we can help you increase your response rates with personalisation

  • Personalisation of name  and company in headlines and text
  • Interchangable graphics based on age/ sex/ product preferences and more
  • Interchangable headlines for testing needs or to meet demographic preferences
  • Text in images - like your clients name writting in clouds, or on a champaign bottle
  • the list goes on

Helping you to turn your print collateral into a personal memory for your recipient - your customer - your client - your friend.  Plus, studies show that the response and conversion rates for variable, personalised printing can often be as much as 35% greater than a comparable generic piece. Take advantage of our in-house design services, and direct mail coordination capacity. Call us today and let us show you the AMAZING things we can do for you.


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