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If you're in a tangled mess and just can't find the right words to engage the response you want, let Get Printed! take the stress out of your project. We'll help ensure your copy gets better results, and fits seamlessly with your new design, print and online projects.

From annual reports to brochures, member communications, donation requests, tenders, and catalogues - right down to how to word your reminder cards, we'll help you make the most of your print collateral and online marketing.

With Get Printed! you have access to years of experience developing copy for corporates, associations, small businesses, and government sectors alike. Our qualified, marketing, communication and business management specialists can help bring your ideas to life through marketing materials, presentation scripts, press releases, technical projects, and more.

Our experienced copywriters, story tellers and wordsmiths will refine, or create from scratch, wording that is crafted to focus attention on the message and invoke a response - be it desire, commitment, loyalty, or to take the next step in a sales process.

Your readers will experience a better retention and understanding of your message, and your material will achieve an overall greater response rate.


Copywriting Services

  • Research and copy development
  • Proofreading services to ensure your message has the clarity and professionalism it deserves
  • Website content refinement to generate more hits/traffic

Let us help your next communication achieve the response you are after. Get a Get Printed! copy expert on your team...

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