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Specialty Letter-Card Solutions

Introducing Get Printed!'s Letter-Card solutions

We love this marketing solution - and so do our clients!

Whilst they can’t fly, when used in just the right way to promote your business, our Letter- Card solutions will help your business to soar.

3D Packaging

Room for creativity in 3D

Our Melbourne creative team develops package designs that improve your brand presence.

Our expertise is in Personalised Packaging for One-to-One Marketing campaigns and events, as well as graphic design for product packaging across various retail and wholesale sectors.

5 Benefits of Digital Labels

Why use digital labels?

People often ask about the benefits associated with using digital labels,  That's a subject we could talk about all day, but here are 5 great reasons to use Get Printed! for all your short run or fast turnaround sticker and label requirements

  1. Crisp images
    Get Printed!'s digital presses produce high definition colour and crisp lines, providing a noticeable difference in quality compared to labels printed using traditional methods.

Stickers & Labels

How can stickers and labels improve your brand?

Digital labels are becoming an item of choice for many companies today.  With over 50 types of stock and thousands of pre-cut shape options available, Get Printed! has become a key supplier for printed stickers and labels in Australia.

Get Printed! can produce labels as small as 15mm wide on our digital press to 900mm wide, and any length, on our large format machines.


Large Format

Need posters, banners or large stickers Fast?

Take a deep breath and relax, we're here to help.

Large format print items are a key element in many sales and communication projects - particularly if you're organising a sale or event.  When you are on a tight deadline, you want the Get Printed! team on your side.

We are experts at turning wide format around fast.  Printed on high quality stock with our high definition award winning Canon IPF8000s technology, you can be assured of a quality outcome.   

Calendars & Cards

Calendars & Cards page

Business Stationery

Business Essentials - your 'everyday business' print needs covered.

Looking professional in your everyday communications provides an immediate advantage with both your first and ongoing interactions with a potential client or member.

We often make intuitive, emotional, on-the-spot judgments when interacting with businesses, so it is important that the look and feel of each and every communication you have with the world is representative of your professionalism, trustworthiness and value.

Business Cards

Business Cards

About to meet new people and all out of business cards?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Yes, they're small, but as one of your best networking tools, the cost of opportunities lost if you are caught without them can be immeasurable.  When you need a quick turnaround design or print, the Get Printed! team will ensure your business card delivers the right message about your business.  When time is critical, we can print and dispatch business cards same day.

Manuals, Reports & Training Materials

Manuals, Reports & Training Materials page


Short run, personalised, or fast turnaround book requirements?

Set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace with professionally produced books. Get Printed!’s book printing solutions ensure your short run (or fast turnaround) books are of a quality you can build your brand on.

We offer a wide selection of binding options, as well as many cover options, allowing you to economically print small volumes of books to meet your specific needs, or to have your books produced at lightning speed to meet upcoming deadlines.

Call us now on 1300 663 242, we're here to help.


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