Direct Mail

Need a powerful way to deliver a message?

Get Printed! makes it easier than ever to build your business with Direct Mail.

Anyone who’s used Direct Mail can tell you that it’s a powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ doors - and bring more business through your own.

You don’t have to be a Direct Mail expert with a big budget to advertise with direct mail. The Get Printed! team is here to help with all of your direct mail campaigns. And if you send a lot of Direct Mail, we can even set up templates on our Online Print Management service so your team can create your piece, import your mailing list, and have the campaign printed and sent - all online.

Reap the rewards of quality design and creative services
Our creative team members are experts at developing direct mail for all levels of business. So, whether we are working with your corporate style guide, or helping to select fonts, colours, imagery and content to set your piece apart in the mail, we'll help ensure your direct mail design works hard for your business.

Use the data held on your audience to its full advantage with personalisation
Utilising industry leading image personalisation software, Get Printed!’s Xmpie technology lets you target your direct marketing campaigns like never before.

Personalised direct mail campaigns provide unique, personalised messages that generate attention, show heightened response rates (many over 35%), improved brand recognition, and substantial increases of return on investment.

Select from a range of first class finishes
With a large range of in-house finishing equipment, our trained production specialists are committed to ensuring your direct mail pieces look great.  Folding, scoring, lamination, drilling, and custom textures are just some of the finishing touches available with your digital print order.

Sales focused & results orientated
If you're looking for a direct mail support team that is sales focused and results orientated, call now on 1300 663 242.  We'll ensure your direct mail piece looks great and gets your message across.

Direct Mail Services

From design, production, and through to distribution, you can be assured your direct mail requirements will be handled confidentially and diligently by our experienced team.

  • Express design and print services
  • Clear and dynamic Direct Mail design
  • Deadline and confidentiality sensitive
  • Advice on paper stocks
  • High resolution printing
  • Binding and collation
  • Mailing

Call us now on 1300 663 242, we're here to help.


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