Specialty Letter-Card Solutions

Introducing Get Printed!'s Letter-Card solutions

We love this marketing solution - and so do our clients!

Whilst they can’t fly, when used in just the right way to promote your business, our Letter- Card solutions will help your business to soar.

Select from

  • Virtually indestructible DocuCard
  • Magnets & "Stick Anywhere"’s ("Stick Anywhere"’s stick & re-stick to any smooth surface)
  • Laser ID Cards
  • Tamper proof Pin Tabs

DocuCard - Letter Card solutionsDocuCards

This unique and patented product includes a virtually indestructible 86mm x 54mm synthetic card pre-attached to an A4 sheet, so you can send a letter and a card in one easy solution. 

The DocuCard is waterproof, tear-proof, heat resistant, and durable, making it suitable for membership cards, identification cards, and loyalty cards where durability and professional-looking images are a factor.

While the DocuCard is super durable (check out this YouTube demonstration!), it is also thinner than a business card - making it easy to slip in a purse or wallet.

Letter - Magnet and Stick-Anywhere solutionsMagnets & Stick Anywhere's

Similar to the DocuCard, Magnet & Stick Anywhere Cards include an 86mm x 54mm magnet or faux magnet attached  an A4 sheet, so you can send a letter and a magnet in one easy solution.

Get Printed!'s magnet  and Stick Anywhere Letter-Card solutions provide the perfect way for your customers to keep your information at hand. It could be their gas, electricity, or water service account details. Maybe it's the right phone number for them to use for each of their bank account or insurance policy enquiries. And, then again, it could be advertising to promote your business and services, fast-food delivery, taxis, dentists and doctors . . . . .

Applications for Letter-Card Solutions

  • Direct Mail or 1:1 Marketing
  • Calendars & Schedules
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Promotional or Save the Date
  • Tickets... and much more.



Top uses for Letter-Cards

  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Personalised Gift Vouchers and Offers
  • Student / Trainee ID’s

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